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The All-In-One App

for Driving Electric

Before Charge App, you had to download 9 different apps to drive your electric car. You're confused and all over the place.

After Charge App, you download one and never think about which app to use. Now you have everything you need to make driving your electric car fun and enjoyable. All in one place.

One app, not every app.


Always up-to-date public

charging info


See the charging stops for

your long-distance trip


Connect your car

to control charging


Save money with

charge scheduling


Find EV friendly

hotels and attractions


Add your charging


Join over 1K+ drivers using Charge App

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I ended up trying Charge App after a friend of mine, also an EV owner recommended it to me. I love the schedule charging features, the trip planning, I can also see if a station is blocked by a gas car and whether it’s in service and can connect my charging accounts to keep track of my recent charging.

-hamz_367 (07/30/2021)

Love it!! I tried every EV app out there but this one seems to do the best of all worlds. I also like the charge scheduling feature which you can use after connecting your car wirelessly. Honestly why aren’t there more apps like this? Recommend for anyone that drives electric, trust me it’s worth it

-phototaker115 (04/14/2021)

The little things as the startup animations and the recommendations for nearby activities food and other attractions really sold it to be a credible and reliable application with future updates coming in. Would highly recommend to anybody with anything electric!

-A.jordn (12/16/2020)